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World Class Hotel Wi-Fi


A great Wi-Fi experience is critical to your guest satisfaction during their stay.

All of the great work leading up to the guest arrival and the wow experience as they enter the room can be short lived, if the Wi-Fi network is poor, coverage patch or bandwidth non existant If this is the case you can guarantee the guest will use what little internet access they have to leave a negative review for the hotel.

A great Wi-Fi network and good internet bandwidth should be seen in the same light as the other utilities you pump into the hotel such as running hot water and electricity, they just need to be there.

We often joke, there are two way to evacuate your hotel, one is to set the fire alarm off, the other is to turn off the guest Wi-Fi !!.

Hotel Wi-Fi Network Design and Deployment

Our engineers at Hotality have deployed World Class Wi-Fi networks at some of the most iconic hotels in Europe.

From 17th Century Manor Houses to brand new branded new build hotels.

We are accredited partners with the worlds leading Wi-Fi manufacturers enabling us to design and install a Wi-Fi network that delivers on all points and varying budgets.

We have invested in state of the art surveying tools and  equipment to provide a visual representation of the signal coverage, so you can be assured the job has been completed and delivers as promised.


Our partnership with the leading Wi-Fi manufacturers allow us to help you choose the correct product offering for your property. This multi vendor aspects allows us to advise our clients in a truly independent way.

All of our deployments are fully controlled and managed via a cloud or on premise Wi-Fi controller, this allow us to continually manage and monitor the Wi-FI environment within your building and provide us with proactive monitoring alerts should any issues occur such as an access point become unavailable for example. The Wi-Fi network controller will also continually monitor and  manage the deployment to ensure optimal channel channel management within the estate and report on any rogue access points that are discovered within the coverage area.


Guest Wi-Fi Portal

With our guest Wi-Fi portal, you can assure your guests that they are connecting to the correct Wi-Fi network and ensure your terms and conditions are accepted prior to connection.

Email addresses can also be optionally obtained with a fully GDPR compliant opt-in for the guest. This allows you to build you email marketing database collecting information about guests, visitors to the hotel or leisure members, allowing you to run targeted campaigns in the future.

Point to point Wi-Fi links

Wi-Fi is no longer just a requirement inside the hotel, we are increasingly seeing events space pop up outside on lawns and terraced areas. Providing high speed internet to these areas can be a challenge.

By using point to point Wi-Fi links we can quickly join up other areas of your hotels estate to provide connectivity for guest Wi-Fi for lan connectivity for outdoor point of sale terminals for example. The point to point links provide up to 1GB/s backlink of data to the main hotel network that can provide a number of services securely delivered to remote building or outside spaces in the property.

The are relatively cheap to install, can be managed and monitored remotely, work in all weathers and can be quickly deployed to get your sites remote areas linked up in a working day.

The images below show a client of ours who had previosuly been quoted £26K and two weeks to dig a trench, lay ducting and fibre cables installed to a remote area of the estate. Using a point to point link we achieved the same result in less than two days and for less than £3K. The images shows download speeds of 100Mb/s at the remote location which is over around 500m metres from the main hotel building.

These links can be used for all IP based equipment from guest Wi-FI, to CCTV, Telecoms and Building Management Systems.



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