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Hotel Leased Line and Internet Data Circuits


A highly reliable high speed internet connection is a must for any hotel, with an ever increasing  demand from both corporate and leisure clients a hotelier needs to treat internet connectivity as a utility in the same way you would water, light or heat.

The good news is that high quality reliable bandwidth is cheaper now then ever, allowing hoteliers to increase the bandwidth coming into their hotels whilst keeping control of the operational budget.


At Hotality we can ensure you get the best possible deal on you internet leased line renewal as we partner with a range of suppliers and have access to the entire telecoms market to ensure we offer you the best prices in the market, but without compromising on reliability or qualtiy.

All lease line pricing is subject to location specific pricing, but we can quickly provide you with a range of options across all telecoms carriers that service your hotels location.

With 100MB/s circuits from starting from £195 per month and 500MB/s circuit from £425 per month we can help you tap into month savings on you internet costs in a matter of weeks.

We provide a fully managed deployment service where we work with BT Openreach to get you new circuit installed in the cheapest possible way and in the shortest possible timeframe.

SIP Trunks and Voice

As well as providing savings on your next internet service we can also help reduce your telecoms cost further by migrating you phone system on to our SIP packages. SIP removes the need for expensive ISDN line rental and routes your telephone calls out over your internet connection saving you a small fortune on monthly costs. 

By removing the need for an expensive dedicated connection for your phone system, voice calls are instead routed via SIP trunks over your internet service. This not only removes the expensive monthly line rental but also allows you to take advantage of great inclusive call packages with inclusive minutes that are bundled together with each SIP trunk similar to a mobile phone contract.

Each of our SIP trunks include 5000 UK National Minutes and 2000 Mobile minutes, so not only will you save on monthly line rental, your call costs will also reduce significantly.

Find out how much you can save, get a leased line quote today

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