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Off-Site Backup, Replication and Disaster Recovery

Using Veeam and StorageCraft SPX to perform off-site backup and replication
Hotality StorageCraft backup HOTBackup

Using the intelligentFTP feature of StorageCraft we can host an off-site repository of your critical systems, either over the Internet via FTP-S encryption, or by VPN to an isolated network subnet.

Hotality StorageCraft iFTP intelligentFTP HOTBackup
Veeam Backup and Replication, HOTBackup, Hotality, Backup and Replication
Hotality HOTBackup Veeam Backup and Replication

Store your Veeam backups off-site with us on our Veeam storage repository.  Because we are a Veeam cloud service provider we can also host replicated copies of your vSphere virtual machines.


The backup encryption key is managed and kept by you.  All segregated on an isolated network and backup storage, keeping your data safe and secure.

Off-Site Storage

Secure off-site storage, available in 2 TB chunks
£ 150 2 TB per month

On-Site Storage

Managed, 4 TB NAS storage appliance. Call us to get pricing if you wish to purchase
£ 40 per month

Standby Replication

Host a replicated copy of your VM's, on our vSphere & Hyper-V servers
£ Call