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HOTBackup Virtual Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, recovery speed is critical.  Recovering a physical server to a virtual one is often the fastest solution to get your operations back up and running.  In addition to operating system, application and data recovery, HOTBackup also quickly restores business continuity by auto-converting backups to virtual machines.

Backup Features


Complete Operating System Coverage


Your most important Windows servers are fully supported and easily recovered with HOTBackup.  As are Windows workstations from XP SP3 upwards, Apple OS X and Linux machines too.


Bandwidth Friendly


HOTBackup uses True Delta technology to identify changes at a block level and backs only those up, giving you the fastest backup possible – with complete ability to fully recover a server or client.


Backups sent to our storage are optimised using compression, bandwidth throttling and automatic online reconnection, ensuring the least bandwidth is used as possible.  You can even choose to throttle the bandwidth at certain times or days.


Hybrid-Cloud Backups


Backups are automatically saved to our cloud storage and optionally, to local storage – giving you instant backup redundancy and quick recovery from your local storage.


Centralised Monitoring and Reporting


Manage your backups centrally from an easy-to-use web console in the cloud where you can monitor and be alerted to the state of your backups, storage use, data backed up and the success or failure of each job.

Hotality HOTBackup Virtual Disaster Recovery restore
Hotality HOTBackup - Overview of backup
Hotality HOTBackup restore to Azure and Amazon

Recovery Features


Centralised Recovery Management


We don’t need to be on-site to recover Exchange.  We can manage the backup and recovery from a single, web-based console.


Rich Virtual Targets


HOTBackup supports recovering physical servers to vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as Amazon EC2 / AWS and Azure cloud.


Hybrid Recovery


You can always recover, even without access to the Internet, via the backups stored on the local storage.


Fastest Recovery Possible


HOTBackup takes advantage of its dual recovery sources – our cloud and your local storage  – and automatically selects the source that will provide the quickest recovery.


Disaster Recovery Testing


Take advantage of our virtual environment by testing automated recovery of your servers to VM images, saving time and without interrupting your production environment.


Virtual to Virtual (V2V)


Manage the recovery of your Hyper-V or VMware–based servers with HOTBackup’s native support for both platforms, recovering any virtual server under your protection with just a few clicks.


Bare Metal Recovery


When a complete reconstruction of an Exchange Server is needed for example, HOTBackup has a one step, fully automated process of recovering an entire Windows Server or workstation.