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HOTBackup Complete: Proven Disaster Recovery

Backup your Machines to On-Site and Off-Site Storage

Backup a Server

£ 60 per month

Backup a Workstation

£ 15 per month

Managed, On-Site Storage

4 TB NAS storage appliance. Fully managed by Hotality at no additional cost to you (1)
£ 40 per month

Off-Site Storage

Secure off-site storage, available in 2 TB storage chunks per month
£ 150 per month

Demonstrable DR Test

Proven disaster recovery of a server or workstation, on our vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon and Azure platforms (2)
£ Call

(1)  If you do not have your own backup storage, we can provide you with a pay monthly storage appliance.  If you prefer a one-off purchase cost please contact us for pricing.

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(2)  Accessible over site-to-site VPN, direct Internet connection, or in-person.  Any VM is isolated in its own network subnet, dedicated entirely to you.