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HOTAudit – Audit your Network for Threats and Vulnerabilities

Our HOTAudit: Network service can help protect your network against vulnerabilities and exploits

Our network audit scans your network and systems for vulnerabilities and security weaknesses.  No hassle. No disruption. No fuss.

Identifies issues on your domain controllers and Active Directory

Analyses users, OU's and security groups

Detects on-premise email servers and possible issues

Detects all major applications / versions and counts the number of installations

Discovers network shares by server

Detailed Domain Controller Event Log Analysis

Lists the SQL Servers and associated databases

Reports on your company's Internet domain name

Downstream and Upstream Internet speed

Number and type of devices, e.g.: printers, Windows OS, Linux, Mac, Exchange or SQL servers

All computers used within the last 30 days

Whether the operating system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, e.g. Microsoft

Computer system ages

Identifies computers with missing security updates

Identify computers with weak passwords that may pose a security risk

Discovers the file system and application event log errors for servers

Shows your total Risk as a percentage based on computer health, security patches and network performance

Identifies users with weak passwords that may pose a security risk

Users marked as Inactive / Disabled

Users logged in within 30 days

Users last logged 30 days ago or more

File server disk space used and total size

No agents installed. Only admin credentials and access to one PC to run a small file is required

Once completed, no footprint is left behind

Book a HOTAudit with Hotality, from as little as £350 and let us help you eliminate any weak spots on your network.