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A software application to cater for all the operational needs of an independent hotel or resort, written with the help of hoteliers for hoteliers.


A single application and database for all hotel operations including PMS, POS, Web Bookings, Restaurant Bookings, Spa, Golf, Loyalty, CRM, Stock Control and Gift Vouchers reduces complexity, streamlines internal business processes and reduces cost.


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A single, simple, highly automated, integrated system, one system to run all the hotel operations.


Lower cost: Fewer subsystems involved means less hardware needed, no interfaces (hardware and software costs saved), easier, inexpensive maintenance.


Increased Productivity: Information is shared seamlessly between departments.  No duplicate effort required, no multiple out of sync data copies.


Flexibility: Updates take place easily and can be more frequent.  As a result the system assists the business development and adapts as quickly as possible.


Simplicity: There is one user interface that is common to all departments thereby simplifying the rollout of the system across the hotel.


Guest experience improvement: HART is built around the guest profile.  Consistency of service and guess satisfaction are achieved through workflows.  All interaction with the guest from pre-arrival to feedback questionnaires is in a single guest profile.


Profitability: High level automation helps profitability by helping manage business development in an efficient way.


Expandability: HART is a customisable platform.  It adapts to your business, rather than you trying to adapt your business to fit the application.