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The Hotel Tech Guys

Hotality is a company that is founded and run by engineers, a solutions based company that focuses on delivering the correct technical solution for the client that integrates into their business and future operations. 

Frustrated by the mis-match of IT delivery that we constantly see across the hospitality sector, we decided to create a solution to the industry wide problem, that solution was forming Hotality.

Hotality was formed in 2016 and has rapidly grown into one of the top Hospitality Technology partners in the industry. Our vision was to create a business with a 360 degree view of all aspects of Hotel Technology and provide reliable, robust solutions that not only delivered on today’s requirements, but would also link seamlessly into future technology plans to ensure that a solid IT platform was delivered that can be scaled and expanded as the business demands required.

We do this by providing several options to the client regarding any project, with valid projections of what may be in the future plans of the business and in the lifecycle of the proposed solution. We highlight the scalability of the solution, any major roadblocks and the likely future expansion costs and provide this information to allow the client to make an informed business decision in respect of how much and at what level to invest.

We are known to often downsell (yes you did read that right), when we have been asked to provide a comparative quote to one of our competitors and their solutions is over specified for the client’s needs. 

We have an ethos that is based around “our partner for life” motto, we firmly believe that if we look after the client’s budget then they in turn will look after us.  We often hear our competitors say “You’re welcome to that client, they never spend anything anyway” when we win business from them, the reality is something quite different. Often the reason why the client did not invest with the old supplier is that they didn’t have the confidence that they would see the value or return on investment promised, often due to proposals being over priced or over specified, or the delivery of the solution not being there.

In our experience hotels will and do invest in the correct solutions, in the correct timeframe once they have realised their expected return on investment from the current solution. But a key factor in this investment is that they must have faith in the supplier, to provide the correct options, explain everything in plain simple terms and deliver the solution on time and on budget.

We are on a mission to make the hospitality industry  “do more with less”. Why have four separate low quality networks for ADMIN, CCTV, Wi-Fi and Telephones when you could have one, using better quality kit, less points of failure, better security, better scalability. Why pay for an IT engineer to setup a laptop for a new starter, then pay your telecoms company to setup their phone and then pay your cabling company to run a data point to their new desk, when you could have Hotality to do everything for you in one visit.

Our do more with less attitude means we can almost always extract much more from your IT existing estate than the competition, our meticulous onboarding process often finds underlying issues that have been causing poor reliability and IT issues for months, we apply our wealth of IT experience and hospitality know how to your business and frequently invoke positive changes in IT perception within the first week of getting a client on board.

As engineers solving problems using technology is what makes us tick, we are driven by the solution not the profit in the sale. We know that if we get the solution right and our customers love what we do, the sales will find us anyway.

What are you waiting for, give us a call we can help your business too.

Jonathan Mansfield


Managing Director

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