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Another new client comes onboard with us

Darren Pain

Darren Pain

Last week saw us take over the IT Support for another hotel – a Holiday Inn with spa and fitness gym.  In the few days they’ve been onboard with us we’ve already fixed an outstanding printer issue, cleaned two viruses off a server that were there since September 2014, and ensured all the interfaces start-up automatically whenever the server is rebooted.  Previously to us taking over, this needed someone to manually start them up which was a waste of everyone’s time.


Their Vingcard and Gym membership PC’s are also backed up via our HOTBackup software to on-site storage that wasn’t being used before, as well as to our secure datacenter in Enfield.  Their main file server, Brilliant and terminal servers are backed up to these same locations too.  On-site storage gives you the speed of recovery, off-site storage gives you the piece of mind you’ll still have your services and data should something befell your IT room.
Think your IT can be better looked after? Why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you!

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