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We do your IT Backups better than most

We do your IT Backups better than most

A case in point…  We recently took on a Catey award-winning 4 Star hotel for their IT, phones and CCTV support.  The backup software their previous IT Support provider used to backup their PMS system transferred 399 GB of data every single day to the on-site backup repository.  The hotel were told their Internet line was too slow and so they couldn’t have off-site backups unless they upgraded their Internet line.


We keep hearing messages like this from lacklustre IT Support providers.  Don’t believe it !!  We installed our HOTBackup backup and recovery DR solution and instead of the 399 GB of data every night, it’s now only 35.6 GB.  A big difference, I’m sure you’ll agree.  With the right solution in place, our client is finally able to have their off-site backups.


If you’re being told things can’t be done and you’d like a second opinion, then come and speak to us.  Don’t accept bland, discover Hotality.

Darren Pain
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