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Our New Southern Office

Our New Southern Office

As it’s Friday and the end of the week, todays blog post isn’t about the high quality work we’ve been doing for our customers, but instead is about the work we’ve been doing for ourselves.


We moved in to a new two storey commercial office unit back in early December, but what with onboarding our new customers, IT support and our other skilled project work, we’ve not had the opportunity to arrange the installation of our new kitchen until now.  A 5 Star kitchen to match our 5 Star support.








And last week our new fibre line was installed – thanks to our network partner Exponential-E, who gave us a great deal.  We’ve even managed to sub-tenant it out to other businesses in the park which will give them a ten-fold speed increase over what they currently have today.








One section of our office is dedicated to our ‘Command and Control Centre’.  Visually at a glance, it shows us to see any customer issues and support requests, and we can zoom in on the map to see the alerts in greater detail.  Our digital signage shows us the Trip Advisor reviews of our customers – ensuring our engineers never lose sight of why they continue to provide the high level of service they do – as well as social media feeds, current weather, the BBC news and traffic information.  Each screen can be replicated, so we’re able to monitor our customers at almost any other location to ensure we keep our fingers on the pulse at it were.


Our unified comms system allows us to take calls wherever we are, whether that’s at our desk, on a mobile or working from home due to the bad weather.


Next week our outside sign and lighting goes up.


The customers, suppliers and business partners who have come in to meet us so far have been very impressed, and with over 2,100 SqFt of office space, it should last us for a number of years.  Our building needs a name though, so if you can think of one then email info@hotality.co.uk and let us know; and no, we won’t be calling it Hotality McHotality Face!

Darren Pain
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