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Snow Doesn’t Stop Us Supporting our Customers



With all the bad weather we’ve had recently, we’ve continued to provide our high quality support to our customers that they know and have come to expect.  Did we have any ‘snow days off’ last week?  Nope, but I bet other IT Support companies did.


Our fleet of 4×4 vehicles keeps us on the road supporting our customers, and have been utterly dependable unlike some of the other vehicles we’ve seen abandoned on the roads as we’ve driven past.  With our Unified Comms Telecoms solution we don’t have to force our staff to venture into the office either as they can pickup up the office phones even from home or when mobile.  And with our management and monitoring software we can remotely connect onto PC’s, servers and other devices, and monitor them all for issues.


All in all, it’s been business as usual for Hotality… after all Amazon don’t stop delivering just because the weather’s bad.  And neither do we close our office and hope no one has an issue.  With our Unified Comms solution, neither would you too.  If you want to ensure your business continues to operate in bad weather without putting your staff at risk, then contact us to see how we can supply a unified Comms solution that will help keep your business functioning whatever the weather, and often will save you money compared to a conventional phone system in the process.


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