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“Can you help? We aren’t getting emails from Delphi”



Of course we could help, that’s what we do.  Since sometime in January the emails from Delphi for this particular customer were no longer being received at the hotels.  The IT support company that manages their Delphi environment were not able to fix it so it was left with Amadeus and the hotel IT team.


Fortunately they called us.  On connecting to their servers and looking at the SMTP email logs we saw the emails were being relayed correctly onto the hotels, so instantly knew it wasn’t a problem with Delphi.   We saw the emails were being sent from an address that no longer belonged to this hotel group and as such were being treated as spam and automatically deleted by their recipients email systems. We instructed Amadeus to change the sender address to one that was owned by the hotel group, and at the same time we updated their DNS SPF records to say emails sent from that IP address were not spam.


We checked in with the client the following day to make sure all was working; the IT team confirmed users were now getting emails again. A good result.


Did we do anything amazing or complicated?  No, we just had the desire and the drive to fix it – something any IT Support company should have – and not look to pass it off to Amadeus.  If I could give anyone who works in IT a few words of advice that I’ve repeated more times than I can remember… check the event logs, 90% of the time they’ll show you what’s wrong, and would have meant the customer wouldn’t have had this issue for so long before we fixed it.



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