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A hotel’s In-Room Entertainment broken since December



We took an emergency call yesterday from a potential client asking for our help – their Pay TV and Premium Wi-Fi charging hadn’t been working since December.  Their existing IT support company initially blamed Acentic without checking anything themselves.  Acentic proved it wasn’t their issue and so passed it back to the client.  A week later, the IT Support company eventually sent an engineer to site to try and fix the issue.  He confirmed that the router between the IRE and Hotel LAN was powered off and would not power back up which was the cause of the problem (which the hotel already knew).  He then left site with no further action taken by him or the IT support company until the hotel contacted us yesterday asking for our help.


How long did it take for us to fix it?  Well… after we decided to install a new router and set up the firewall rule, the outstanding data that was queued up on the Acentic side and the Interface PC from December started flowing again.  A simple purchase of the premium Wi-Fi Internet access and purchasing a Pay TV movie confirmed everything was working again.


Another happy customer.  We’ve seen many IT Support companies throughout the years we’ve been in this business and what never ceases to amaze is why many are so bad at fixing issues?  Why not contact us like this client did and let us fix your problems too?  We care enough to make a positive difference.

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