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Failed Interface PC? No worries if you use Hotality for your backups.



We had a customer contact us on Wednesday evening to say their physical Interface PC had failed and needed to be restored.  Our HOTBackup software can restore to alternative physical hardware very easily, as well as automatically migrating a physical machine to a virtual one.  HOTBackup provides backups of Windows, Linux and Apple systems to on-site and off-site storage, and proven DR restores with boot-up screenshots emailed to the customer for complete piece of mind.


After discussing it with our customer we decided to restore the Vingcard PC onto their vSphere ESXi host as a virtual machine.  We kicked off the restore at 19:10 and by 23:29 it was restored from the on-site backup repository as a virtual machine.  If for any reason this wasn’t available it would have been restored from our off-site backup repository at our main datacentre.


All that then remained was installing VMware Tools, checking the IP address, then starting up the interfaces.  Once the interfaces were up, the customer was very happy since he now had a much more robust system.  He had been told by Oracle/Micros they could schedule an engineer for 3 to 5 working day’s time for them to reinstall the interfaces if we provided them with a clean PC, but using our HOTBackup software we got it back to a fully-functional state after 4 hours.  Let us take care of your backups too and we can give you the same piece of mind.

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