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Unexpected Opera downtime



We took a call from a worried hotel IT Manager a few days ago.  Apparently the hotel had no Opera since 18:40 and it was now 21:52, so the hotel was fairly impacted at this point on one of their busiest days of the week leading into Christmas.  He asked us for help as his current IT Support provider wasn’t giving him the help and urgency he needed.   We were able to remotely connect on and see what was on the screen of the server.  Someone had earlier pulled three disks out of the server and therefore caused the server to crash!


Quite why someone had been instructed to do this was not clear, but the solution was simple.  As the disks had been removed and then re-inserted, when the server was rebooted it gave the option of continuing with no disk drives or re-enabling them.  The existing IT Support company kept on choosing the first option in the hope it would miraculously work and had done that at least 24 times.  We instructed the IT Manager to tell his IT Support provider to choose the 2nd option – 6 minutes after doing that Opera was back up again.



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