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“Dear Hotality, can you resolve an issue we have with our PDQ’s?”



The Problem


The V820 PDQ’s of a central London hotel kept locking up and dropping off the network.  Most irritating for guests at check-in time, and embarrassing and stressful for the front desk staff.  Their existing IT provider couldn’t resolve it, so we were asked to investigate and hopefully resolve.


The Hotality Effect


After we plugged into the same switch that the PDQ’s were connected to, the engineer got an IP address on the wrong network LAN.  That was odd, as it meant two networks were trying to communicate on the same network switch.  It was then just a case of tracing each of the network cables and finding out where they were plugged in to.  Once the offending network cable was unplugged, the problem disappeared.


2 week’s later… ZERO issues.  If you’ve got a problem, maybe we can make you Hotality Happy too!


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