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Hotality have been chosen to make Opera PMS servers more reliable



We pride ourselves at Hotality in working in the best interests of our clients and often enjoy going the ‘extra mile’.  That was quite literally the case this week when we did a 859 mile round trip to a Scottish Holiday Inn hotel to reconfigure their Opera server and at the same time, move it from a physical server to a virtual one.  Running Opera as a virtual server makes it easier to manage, update, back up and support, as well as being more robust and flexible.


Future upgrades become easy as the dependancy between Opera and the hardware it sits on is removed.  Updates areeasier to manage as a ‘snapshot’ of the live system can be completed within seconds, the update installed and then tested.  If the update fails we can revert back to the snapshot typically within 1 minute.  Backups are often faster, more reliable and more robust, as rather than backing up and HP or Dell server, Windows, Opera and the Oracle database, you simply back up the virtual machine at a ‘point in time’.  Many of these point in time backups can be performed throughout the day, giving the client multiple opportunities for recovery should the worst happen.


We’ve done exactly the same work at two previous hotels, and have another 9 hotels left to do, all by the end of November.  The same hotel is also using our HOTBackup on-site and off-site backup and DR system to backup their file server, Opera PMS, Interface PC and Vingcard PC.


If you’re wondering how your PMS system can be given the same benefits that our clients are having today, why not contact us for helpful, impartial and professional advice.  It’s what we do.



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