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19 more hotels using us for their onsite and offsite backups



This week so far we’ve moved another 19 hotels on to our HOTBackup on-site and off-site backup and DR software.  We ensure their file and print server, PMS server, key cutting PC, and interface PC are backed up to local on-site storage, and also replicated to our off-site hosted platform.


Should anything happen to the local servers or the site we can simply recover the systems from our off-site backup repository, either to a replacement physical machine, or a virtual machine running VMware vSphere or Hyper-V.  We can also recover straight to our hosted vSphere platform and setup a site-to-site VPN or access it over a VPLS circuit.


A simple traffic-light display shows the backup status for the past 30 days, so even a non-IT person can see at a glance the status of their backups.  Isn’t it about time you had the same piece of mind as they do?


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