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9pm a call for help. 9:30pm engineer on route. Problem fixed.



“Help!” the person on the end of the phone said just after 9pm a few days ago.  “I really need some help.  All our PDQ’s are down and we can’t take chip and PIN payments.”  Here at Hotality we pride ourself on our ability to go the extra mile and make a difference where others can’t.  Nothing proves that point more than the fact that although this was not one of our support customers, by 9:30pm we had an engineer in his car travelling to the site, some 4 or so hours away, ready to start first thing the following morning.


The problem?  An old firewall had decided to give up its life and die, and therefore prevent any communication with the PDQ’s on the isolated LAN.


The solution?  It’s almost an anti-climax to mention, but reconfiguring another firewall onsite to perform the same function brought the PDQ’s back into life and made the staff on the front desk very happy.


If you’re frustrated with your IT, then why not give us a call and see if we can make you Hotality-happy!

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