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Are your Guests Complaining about your Wi-Fi?




We’ve recently taken over the IT support of a hotel.  This hotel has been suffering with guests complaining about the Wi-Fi for the past couple of years.


So What Did We Discover?  


Well, firstly many of the access points were on the same Wi-Fi channel and were competing against one another, therefore blocking guests from accessing the Wi-Fi.  To combat this, the previous IT support provider lowered the signal strength of each access point.  This then had the effect of guests being able to use the Wi-Fi near the access point in the bedroom for example, but not in the bathroom or the other end of the suite.


When guests were able to get connected to the Wi-Fi, they sometimes couldn’t get on the Internet, so the hotel staff then had to ring IT to get them to reboot the access point.  This had been going on for some time.


What Did We Do About It?


Well, the first thing we did was to ensure each access point was on a separate channel.  This ensures that the Wi-Fi in one room doesn’t block the Wi-Fi in the adjoining room and vice-versa.


Secondly, we increased the signal strength of each access point, so the Wi-Fi is now available in a greater area.


Thirdly, to combat the random no-Internet access we spoke to the vendor of the access points who gave us updated firmware for them – firmware is like the equivalent of Windows updates.


Since then, the Wi-Fi has been much more stable.


Did We Do Anything Amazing?  


Not really – the difference is, we cared enough to do something about it.  We could care about you too – why not give us a call on 01256 592150 or email ?

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