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Master Inn Holders Conference 2017 #GMConf17



This year was my first introduction to the Master Inn Holders conference, although Jonathan’s been before.  What can I say about it?  Simply put, I found it highly enjoyable.  From the friendly welcome we received on arrival, to catching up with two of our customers who have taken our HOTSupport package, to talking to some familiar faces between the conference speeches, enjoying good company, food and wine at the evening black-tie dinner, then catching up with Premier Software afterwards, followed by more brilliant speeches on the 2nd day.


Very inspiring indeed and completely different to what a conference of IT people would normally be!  It’s been nearly three months since the conference and what’s stuck with me the most?  Practising three random acts of kindness every day.  Well, I struggle to do three, but I certainly do one although haven’t (yet) found the time improve my fitness.  Thanks Dorian!


Will we be there next year?  You bet – we may even be a sponsor.  Hospitality is our business, it’s what we do and it’s even in the name of our company.    Thanks to all the people in front and behind the scenes at #GMConf17 who made it such a success.


Finally, those of you that know Jon and I know we’re both control freaks, so it seemed fitting we each sat on the throne from Game of Thrones and dreamed just a little bit:


Darren on the Game of Thrones throne at the MIH2017 #GMConf17     Jonathan on the Game of Thrones throne at the MIH2017 #GMConf17

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