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How many VMware Certified Professionals are there?



There are apparently 8,600 VMware Certified Professionals (VCP) in the UK as of April 2017.  At the end of 2015 there were 4,150.  To be a VMware Certified Professional means you have to pass a moderated exam every two years which tests your knowledge of VMware virtualisation, lasting approximately 90 minutes, as well as undertake a 5-day training course.  By engaging with an IT provider who has a VCP engineer you can be confident that any solution is designed, installed and configured according to best practise and is ‘fit for purpose’ as it were.

VMware Certified Professionals
VMware Certified Professionals around the world


One of those 8,600 VMware Certified Professionals is at Hotality and has regularly kept his certification up to date since early 2009, before many other IT providers in the industry had identified the benefits that virtualisation brings to businesses and companies such as yours.  Benefits such as reduced hardware costs, greater uptime and availability of systems and services, as well as more reliable and resilient infrastructure.


Rarely are cliched phrases correct, but in this instance when virtualisation’s done right you really can “do more with less”.


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