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Fed Up with Phones?

Do you struggle to make changes to your existing phone system?  Are you paying too much for your phone calls?


We have a proven track record of designing and implementing phone systems for businesses and hotels.  We can swap out your legacy PSTN analogue telephones and  phone system for example, with either a hosted or on-premise modern and reliable VOIP-based system.


Your telephone bills can often be reduced by moving to a VOIP telephone system. VOIP differs from a legacy analogue system, because instead of all phone calls being routed through BT and Mitel for example, they are routed over your IT network and the Internet.  

To give an example, one of our clients, a 5-Star hotel whose head chef was featured on Masterchef last year, routes their inbound and outbound calls over an Internet line provided by Hotality.  By using the Hotality-designed solution call quality is protected against drop outs and break-ups due to lack of bandwidth as we are able to ensure sufficient bandwidth for their calls is guaranteed.


Their marketing team if desired can use what is called a ‘soft phone’ on their PC or mobile phone and masquerade as if they are at the hotel when in actual fact they are off-site.  


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