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Hotel IT Support and Consultancy

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Hotality IT Solutions are one of the leading IT Service Providers to the hospitality industry.

With a history of working for some of the finest independant hotels and some of the largest hotel management companies in the UK on a variety of projects, we specialise on providing bespoke IT solutions and tailored support packages aligned to your business requirements.

We can provide strategic advice and consultancy on all aspects of technology that can be found within the hotel, ensuring that your business technology is robust, efficient and compliant and that your client facing technology exceeds their expectations.


We have a proven track record of stabilising troublesome systems, quickly performing a root cause analysis to get to the source of the issues, identifying the underlying cause and putting together the steps required to eradicate the issues in the shortest possible time frame.


Often IT systems are unstable due to them being poorly managed, with too many single points of failure built in to the design. We will identify these issues, communicate them to you in plain English, explain why the issues cause the impact that they do, provide a plan to rectify them along with options on costs if investment is required.


Amazingly, issues that have been impacting sites for months can often be a very simple fix. One recent example of this was at a site that we took over recently where the Guest wireless network would drop out completely everyday due to a £1.50 faulty network cable, this had never been picked up by the previous support company. Its not always the case that large investment is required to resolve these issues, but the IT provider needs the skill and tenacity to identify the risks, highlight the causes and eliminate them.


With over 10 years experience of working within the hospitality industry we have these skills in abundance, we can find our way around your hotel within hours that would take other suppliers day or weeks.

24 x 7 Critical Support

90 Day Rolling Contracts

We manage and test your backups everyday, even at the weekend.

All Systems Proactively Managed - We fix it before you notice it's broken

We monitor everything, the server room, your websites, everything we possibly can

Single point of contact for technology issues

We schedule the work when you need it, not when it's convenient to us

We log every call, you can manage them in your customer portal

All calls are put straight through to an engineer

We will meet with you every quarter, to quality check the service

We will help you plan your IT budget

We will speak to your clients to organise the IT for their events

You can see some of the work we’ve done on our Hotality Blog, and the services we can offer you by clicking here.

Contact us now, to see how we can get your Hotel IT systems up and running like clockwork, keeping both your guests and your staff happy.