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HOTBackup, granular data recovery

Granular Data Protection


Easily recover an entire physical or virtual machine, the host server, and even a single file within a virtual machine.


HOTBackup can also truncate your Exchange and SQL transaction log files, ensuring on-going housekeeping is automatically maintained.

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Microsoft SQL

Backup and recover SQL Server data with HOTBackup


When your SQL Server database becomes corrupt or the server crashes, you need to get it running again… and fast.  You need a backup and recovery solution that meets customer SLAs while generating revenue for your business cost effectively.  Our HOTBackup software is just the thing!


HOTBackup protects SQL Server databases and the servers that house them.  HOTBackup easily recovers your data without relying on expensive, failure-prone on premise hardware, delivering a successful recovery every time.


HOTBackup comprehensively protects your SQL Server environment


  • Native SQL Server Integration – Support for SQL Server 2005 onwards provides complete backup coverage of your databases
  • Comprehensive SQL Server Recovery – We don’t just recover an SQL Server database; we can easily recover supporting files and even the entire OS
  • Centralised Recovery Management – We manage the backup and recovery of SQL Server databases from a single web-based console


Backup Features


Exchange is probably one of your most important applications.  Without it, you  cannot operate.  And a failure in Exchange can be anything from the server, to a database, to the Exchange services, or even Active Directory.  HOTBackup intelligently backs up every part of Exchange, protecting your customer’s ability to get Exchange operational again quickly.


Full Exchange Support


HOTBackup supports the backup of Exchange Server versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, and utilises the Exchange-aware Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), ensuring your messaging infrastructure is always protected and operations continue running.


Granular Exchange Protection


MAX Backup can back up Active Directory, the entire Exchange server, the OS, storage groups, and mailbox stores, giving you the granularity needed to backup only what you need.


Backup Data De-duplication


Exchange databases, on the whole, don’t change that much (and you wouldn’t want to backup an entire database anyway).  HOTBackup uses True Delta technology to identify changes in Exchange at a block level and backs those up, giving you the smallest backup possible with a complete ability to fully recover Exchange.


Hybrid-Cloud Backups


Exchange backups are critical, so what happens when the Internet goes down and our storage node isn’t available?  Backups are optionally automatically saved to local storage speed vault, giving you instant backup redundancy, even in the face of no access to the Internet.


Centralised Monitoring and Reporting


We can manage and monitor your backups centrally from our web-based console and alert you to the state of your backups, storage use, data backed up, and the success/failure of each job.


Recovery features


Centralised Recovery Management


We don’t need to be on-site to recover Exchange.   We manage the backup and recovery from a single, web-based console.


Hybrid Recovery


We can always recover, even without access to the Internet, via synchronised backups from our storage node in our cloud and your on-site local storage.


Fastest Recovery Possible


HOTBackup takes advantage of its dual recovery sources – cloud and local  – and automatically selects the source that will provide the quickest recovery.


Simplified Selection


Seamless integration with Exchange means choosing which Exchange server, storage group, or mailbox store to be recovered is a simple, automated process.


Virtual Disaster Recovery (P2V)


In the event your physical Exchange server is unavailable or not functioning, you can easily recover a physical system as a virtual machine to either VMware vSphere or Hyper-V.


Virtual to Virtual (V2V)


Manage the recovery of your Hyper-V or VMware vSphere –based Exchange servers with our native support for both platforms, recovering any virtual Exchange server with just a few clicks.


Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)


When a complete reconstruction of an Exchange server is needed, HOTBackup has a one-step, fully automated process of recovering an entire Windows server or client.


Disaster Recovery Testing


Take advantage of our virtual environment by testing the recovery of your Exchange servers to virtual machine images, saving time and without interrupting production.