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HOTBackup CompletePLUS: Continuous Replication

With warm-standby replicas in our Azure, Amazon, vSphere and Hyper-V clouds

Backup a Server

£ 60 per month

Backup a Workstation

£ 15 per month

Managed, On-Site Storage

4 TB NAS storage appliance. Fully managed by Hotality at no additional cost to you (1)
£ 40 per month

Off-Site Storage

Secure off-site storage, available in 2 TB storage chunks per month
£ 150 per month

Warm Standby Replica

Always have a replica of your physical or virtual server available, ready to go in the event of a disaster or server failure (2) (3)
£ Call per month

(1)  If you do not have your own backup storage, we can provide you with a pay monthly storage appliance.  If you prefer a one-off purchase cost please contact us for pricing.

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(2)  Accessible over site-to-site VPN, direct Internet connection.  Any VM is isolated in its own network subnet, dedicated entirely to you.


(3)  After each and every backup is completed, it is restored to our cloud, on your preferred platform, whether this is Azure, Amazon EC2, vSphere or Hyper-V.   In the event of a true disaster, we can simply power it on and give it whatever IP address you decide.  Alternatively, if it is running on vSphere for example, we can copy it to disk, ready for you to import to your infrastructure.