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Door Locking and Access Control Systems

Hotality have partnered with SALTO, one of the world’s top five hospitality sector suppliers of electronic access control systems.  We can install the most technologically advanced solutions in the market – wire-free and keyless – to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.


From door locks controlled by RFID to access by mobile phone, keypad locks, electronic cylinder replacements, glass door locks and wall readers, there is a lock that can be fitted or retrofitted to almost any door.


We can design and advise on a solution to fit your specific requirements, installing the solution and then providing the on-going support.

If your access control systems have not been updated in a number of years you’re likely using door locks opened by magnetic cards.  These cards wear out and become unreliable the more times they are used.


The cards are probably never cleaned between uses, so pick up dirt which is then left in the card reader when they are inserted.  The image to the left shows a couple of cleaning cards after a few months use of a card encoder.


By replacing them with RFID contactless cards the guest or door user doesn’t experience the dissatisfaction of returning multiple times to have their magnetic cards replaced.