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Hotality: Investors in our People

Hotality: Investors in our People

We truly believe it’s people that make a business the success it can be, or the failure it shouldn’t be.


That’s why we heavily invest in the proper training for our engineers, ensuring their skills are always current and highly relevant, reflecting the technologies in the IT and hospitality industries.  It’s also why we pay higher-salary rates for our engineers than other IT companies – to ensure we get the best, most knowledgable, and customer-focused engineers we possibly can.  A yearly bonus or two doesn’t go amiss either.


We only employ senior engineers which is why we’re able to fix many things that other IT Support providers can’t – quickly and efficiently.  And just like front facing staff in a hotel – Best and Good is at the heart of what we do.


If you’re being told things can’t be done or wonder why a certain something is taking so long, then come and speak to us. Don’t accept bland, discover Hotality.


Darren Pain
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