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It’s nice to hear…

It’s nice to hear…

Here are some of the comments that our clients have said to us over the past 6 or so months…


On being told we’ll be providing their IT support:

“Can’t wait for you to start.”

“Excellent. I’m counting down the days.”


Arriving at the front desk on the first day of us taking over the IT support:


“The old company haven’t wanted to know us for the past month.”

“I’ve got a long list of issues for you to fix.”

“I’m hoping you can help me.  I have been waiting for nearly 3 months for an email account to be created for me.”  We had him setup 20 minutes later.


On doing project and consultancy work:

“Our relationship is with you guys.”

“It’s awesome, it works really well.”

“I have confidence in your HOTBackup solution.”

“The previous company that looked after our wi-fi say it can’t be done.”  We proved otherwise.


On providing support:

“Amazing service.”

“That was really fast.”


On Adam joining Hotality:

“Well done Adam.”

“That’s great news.  Adam was excellent during the hotel decouples … good to see him coming over.”

Darren Pain
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